Calvary [2014]

Calvary poster @wikipedia

Last weekend we finally saw Calvary, a movie recommended to us by The Filmdog–aka our brother-in-law.

The movie is an Irish drama set around the theme of catholic priests pedophilia, with multiple characters declaring having been molested by priests.
James, the main character and focus of the story, is a priest in a very small town. A good priest, struggling with his humanity, his weaknesses and values. He’s told in the opening scene that he’s going to be killed next Sunday. The movie is set in the week that precedes that Sunday.

It’s a dark flick that successfully illustrates some aspects of human nature.

89% on Rotten. I agree.

The trailer:

Junebug [2005]

Junebug movie poster
Okay… So, about this movie
I can’t really explain it, mainly because I really don’t care to do it, but I enjoyed it immensely.
Because I was having such a good time watching it, half way through it I was shit scared they would ruin it in the end. They didn’t. It’s beautifully written, beautifully filmed and the actors did a phenomenal job.

Okay, okay. I’ll stop with the adverbs!

It moved me and it taught me things about myself. This is a quiet movie that sneaks some human perception into you, if you pay attention.

Here is the trailer:

Save the Date [2012]

Save the Date movie poster

This is a nice, sweet, somewhat sexy, coming of age romance movie with the right amount of sap for a semi-sappy girl like me.
Although this is a romcom, the story rings true and it’s well written.
I have no idea why its score is so low on Rotten. I mean, come on!

It was entertaining, heart warming, and very human. I liked it a lot.

Here is the trailer:

American Hustle [2013]

American Hustle poster

Last evening we had the pleasure of watching American Hustle.
I loved it. It was fun, pretty to look at, had an amazing performance by all actors and was written beautifully.
If you didn’t watch it yet, go do it now. (Of course you probably watched it already because it came out last year so good job!)

Fantastic! Fantastic, I tell you.

Here’s the trailer:

Rudy [1993]

I finally saw Rudy (only 19 years late…). It’s a nice movie, but this kind of inspirational sports allegories, although this one was based on a true story, are not for me. I can’t relate to inspirational stories.
In the words of Conan O’Brian: I wish I had feelings…
I enjoyed watching it, though. I like American Football, and I’m somewhat interested in knowing more about it, so it was okay.

Sunset Boulevard

Small comment on the movie, part of my project to watch the “AFI’s list“.

Sunset Boulevard poster

Classic film noir from 1950. Amazing performance by Gloria Swanson. Very dramatic. I loved the way it starts, with Joe Gillis (William Holden) dead, floating in the pool, and narrating the movie. (I don’t consider this a spoiler since it’s the first scene after the initial credits but I blocked it anyway. Select the black line to read.)

Sunset Boulevard still

Wikipedia page here.