What We Do in the Shadows [2014]

what we do in the shadows poster from wikipedia

We saw this movie last weekend.
It’s a New Zealand production filmed as a (mock) documentary. It follows the lives of four modern vampires living in Wellington.

All characters have their appeal but Viago, with the way he looks at the camera, is particularly hilarious.

A must see if you like good humour and vampires.
96% on Rotten.


Calvary [2014]

Calvary poster @wikipedia

Last weekend we finally saw Calvary, a movie recommended to us by The Filmdog–aka our brother-in-law.

The movie is an Irish drama set around the theme of catholic priests pedophilia, with multiple characters declaring having been molested by priests.
James, the main character and focus of the story, is a priest in a very small town. A good priest, struggling with his humanity, his weaknesses and values. He’s told in the opening scene that he’s going to be killed next Sunday. The movie is set in the week that precedes that Sunday.

It’s a dark flick that successfully illustrates some aspects of human nature.

89% on Rotten. I agree.

The trailer:

Snowy Berlin

Warschauer Straße

Yesterday I woke up in a white city. After bundling myself into as many layers as I could—come on, don’t laugh, I’m from the south of Europe, we think 60ºF (15ºC) is cold—I left the house to snap some photos.
It wasn’t as cold as I thought. The sun was shinning and the temperature was very mild. I had to take off my gloves and ear muffs or I would be too hot to walk around outside.
Problem was I forgot my sunglasses and OMG it was bright. Too bright! So I went down to the bahn station to shoot a few quick photos before my eyes burst into flames. These are it.

Snow in Berlin

Snow in Berlin

Snow in Berlin

Snow in Berlin

Snow in Berlin

The Grand Budapest Hotel [2014]

The Grand Budapest Hotel Poster
Saturday we went to the movies and because my brother-in-law mentioned it, I suggested we go see The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson.
Wes Anderson is one of those directors that always makes beautiful movies. Unfortunately, they fail to entertain me sometimes. (Didn’t really like Moonrise Kingdom… Meh!)

But The Grand Budapest Hotel was super fun!

I loved the structure of the movie, the writing, the performances, the sets, the colours… Everything really.
Whimsical as always, Wes Anderson delivered a simple story about loyalty and love without being sappy or dull. Quirky and delicious!