American Hustle [2013]

American Hustle poster

Last evening we had the pleasure of watching American Hustle.
I loved it. It was fun, pretty to look at, had an amazing performance by all actors and was written beautifully.
If you didn’t watch it yet, go do it now. (Of course you probably watched it already because it came out last year so good job!)

Fantastic! Fantastic, I tell you.

Here’s the trailer:


Sad Spring

To you this might look like an ugly photo because one can see the trash bin at the back of my building but to me it’s the vision I saw last Sunday when we took Tobias to the vet, hoping he would be okay but knowing he was already half gone.
The vet confirmed, his body was shutting down.
Degenerative kidney disease, most probably… We were treating him for kidney failure but by Sunday morning he could no longer stand or walk on his own.

So we took him to the vet, and she was nice, and the room was clean and big, and the sun was shinning in all it’s glory, and the small breeze on the street was warm and smelled of flowers. And when I took him from our home in his box, lying on his favourite wool blanket, down the stairs of the apartment building, I didn’t see the big black trash bin. Just the sun shinning on those pink flowers.

He will be always in our hearts.

Sad Spring

#227 – Autumn in Paris and blue sky [and the end of Project 354IV]

Last photo of Project 365, 4th year.

This project has been declining in purpose and posts for a while. I could drag it a bit more but I feel like I’m just rehashing the same old themes. I need something new.

I take photos everyday, not all of them deserve to be shown. That’s the core concept of this short finale.

There are some ideas floating in my head but for now I feel good just taking a break from the pressure of the “photo a day” principle.