11 February 2012 – The day the mainstream media decided to ignore

Yesterday, all over Europe, there were thousands of people in the streets against ACTA. Yet, I saw very few world news media talking about it.

How democratic, independent and factual the mainstream media is today! No words…

I was at the protest in Paris and here are some of my pictures:

Paris Stop ACTA - 011

Paris Stop ACTA - 020

Paris Stop ACTA - 006

More pictures from other European cities:

Vienna, Austria
ACTA Demonstration 11. Februar 2012 in Wien
Photo by Wolfgang Illmeyer, Licence: CC BY-NC 2.0

Berlin, Germany
Photo by Udo, Licence: CC BY 2.0

Brussels, Belgium
Photo by: agnes hermapix, Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Prague, Czech Republic
fuck acta
Photo by: bukjah, Licence: CC BY-NC 2.0

Stockholm, Sweden
ACTA demonstration, Stockholm
Photo by: Erik, Licence: CC BY-NC 2.0

London, England
See here.