RIP Flickr

Everything comes to an end. The end of Flickr started when it was acquired by Yahoo. It ended this week, after Marissa Mayer took a cleaver and chopped off it’s head for good.

You can find me on Trovebox from now on. I moved all the photos from Flickr to this new site and all the new ones will be going there as well.

Until the aforementioned Jezebel dumps my photos from Flickr they will also be there as an archive, with all the comments and memories of budding friendships.

I loved Flickr for many years. Now it’s dead. RIP Flickr.

Delicious, the goodbye

At long last, after more than 10 years using, I got fed up and deactivated my account.
Some of the problems I found that led me to it:

– The “Bookmark on Delicious” javascript widget stopped working on the ipad and on the laptop;
– I stopped understanding how to edit my links in a bundle of more that 20 links;
– They are confused about what their service is for. I don’t get it anymore either…

Right now, for bookmark services, I’m using and it comes with a nice enough ipad app. Just wish there was a good app integrated with Safari or Chrome.


Valentine’s day giveaway on Little Big

If you’d like the chance to win a copy of my first novel and some other lovely Valentine’s gifts, go to Little Big and follow Carrie Anne’s instructions.
You can also participate by tweeting:

“Little Big’s V-Day Giveaway is for responsible adults only. I entered anyway! Visit via @exlibris”

While you’re there look around for tips on thrifty living, adorable toddler photos (and cats) and yummy recipes.