Some random thoughts on specific TV shows

30 Rock – It’s better than ever. I’ll be very sorry to see Jack Donaghy go, though.

Alcatraz – Because of what I learned with Lost, I’m not expecting a good ending to this plot. Yet, the journey until now is pretty enjoyable. I love the use of historical facts mixed with science fiction. Gives everything a much more plausible thread.

Archer – I love it! The Duchess is amazing.

Community – I love this show. WTF is the network thinking with this hiatus? Bring Community back, pronto!

Downton Abbey – Beautiful period drama.

Fringe – I like the show but I’m a bit afraid of the corny plot twists. Not expecting much but enjoying the main characters. Walter Bishop is a favorite.

Homeland – Enjoyable and not too predictable. That’s all I ask after the Lost fiasco.

Parks and Recreation – One of my favorite. Great writing going on. LOVE (almost) all the characters.

Person of Interest – Grew on me. Let’s see if it doesn’t get too predictable.

The Simpsons – They just celebrated their 500th show. That’s impressive.

The Walking Dead – Is it just me or that sheriff’s wife (Lori) is the most annoying character on TV right now? OMG, shut the fuck up already!

Unsupervised – I love it. Endearing characters and funny plot.

Upstairs Downstairs – Modern sequel of the 70’s show of the same title. This first episode of the second season didn’t convince me. Still, I love the house and the costumes.

Lost – I don’t want to talk about it. Those bastards… I am disappoint.

Post-war kitchen design

... new freedom gas kitchen!

I love this kitchen. It isn’t the perfect kitchen that I one day crave to have but in the present days of closet size parisian kitchens, it’s a dream. In particular the counter space and the breakfast booth with the windows. I would have to say no to the color combination, though. Yellow and red, ugh…

I’m mad for early Atomic Era ads!