Post-war kitchen design

... new freedom gas kitchen!

I love this kitchen. It isn’t the perfect kitchen that I one day crave to have but in the present days of closet size parisian kitchens, it’s a dream. In particular the counter space and the breakfast booth with the windows. I would have to say no to the color combination, though. Yellow and red, ugh…

I’m mad for early Atomic Era ads!

In the kitchen

Pela primeira vez em muitos anos não tenho uma máquina de lavar loiça. Não é tão mau como poderia pensar. O truque? Ter muito pouca loiça. ;)

For the first time in many years I don’t have a dishwasher. It isn’t as bad as I could anticipate. The secret? To have very little tableware. ;)

Washing up

Washing up