La Grande Bouffe [1973]

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We saw this French oldie two days ago and I loved it.
This film is dark, funny, sad, grotesque, caricatural, over the top, and very, very different from today’s blockbusters. A real treat!
(Thank you M. For the recommendation.)

From the wikipedia page:
The film tells the story of four friends who gather in a villa for the weekend with the express purpose of eating themselves to death. Bouffer is French slang for “excessive eating”. (the Italian abbuffata means “great eating”).

Rotten Tomatoes’ audience gives it an 84%.
La Grande Bouffe at Wikipedia

Trailer (in German because I couldn’t find one in English or the original French):

Post-war kitchen design

... new freedom gas kitchen!

I love this kitchen. It isn’t the perfect kitchen that I one day crave to have but in the present days of closet size parisian kitchens, it’s a dream. In particular the counter space and the breakfast booth with the windows. I would have to say no to the color combination, though. Yellow and red, ugh…

I’m mad for early Atomic Era ads!