Here we are…
How have you been since August? Good? Good…

So, I’ve been busy. I’ve released a book and I’ve re-made my good old namesake site to include all my work areas in one place.

Go check it out:

The book is called Naked In His Bed and you can buy it in Kindle format or Paperback here.
And the site is appropriately named and you can visit by clicking here. That site has a blog now so if you enjoy reading this one you might like that one too—so be sure you subscribe to the RSS feed.


Valentine’s day giveaway on Little Big

If you’d like the chance to win a copy of my first novel and some other lovely Valentine’s gifts, go to Little Big and follow Carrie Anne’s instructions.
You can also participate by tweeting:

“Little Big’s V-Day Giveaway is for responsible adults only. I entered anyway! Visit via @exlibris”

While you’re there look around for tips on thrifty living, adorable toddler photos (and cats) and yummy recipes.