-Ah! dit le renard…je pleurerai.
-C’est ta faute, dit le petit prince, je ne te souhaitais point de mal, mais tu as voulu que je t’apprivoise…
-Bien sûr, dit le renard.
-Mais tu vas pleurer! dit le petit prince.
-Bien sûr, dit le renard.
-Alors tu n’y gagnes rien!
-J’y gagne, dit le renard, à cause de la couleur du blé.

Le Petit Prince


Here we are…
How have you been since August? Good? Good…

So, I’ve been busy. I’ve released a book and I’ve re-made my good old namesake site to include all my work areas in one place.

Go check it out:

The book is called Naked In His Bed and you can buy it in Kindle format or Paperback here.
And the site is appropriately named GiselaFrancisco.com and you can visit by clicking here. That site has a blog now so if you enjoy reading this one you might like that one too—so be sure you subscribe to the RSS feed.


Naked in His Bed – New book coming out in Sept/Oct!

Slowly, we’re getting there.
Thanks to your participation, Naked in His Bed is closer than ever to being released. Here’s the cover most people voted for:
Naked in His Bed

I’m very happy with it.
Your comments here and in the Goodreads groups really helped shape my idea of what romance readers expect in a cover. Thank you!

If you are an avid romance reader and reviewer, and are interested in an Advance Reading Copy (ARC) for purposes of reviewing the book before its release, drop me a line.

Christmas Treasures

Books about Georgian times

This Christmas I got all the books I really wanted thanks to my nice siblings.
Can you see a theme?
I’m writing a historical novel set in the Regency period so I need to do a lot of research.
Historical romance, when well written, is a guilty pleasure of mine. I’ve been wanting to write one for a long time but only now I feel the courage to do it. Well… When I say ‘now’ I mean in the last six months or so. These books are going to help me fix some gaps in my knowledge and, hopefully, help me write an plausible story. The fact that the tale is about a gentleman and his two wives it’s another story!