In Praise of Bias – video

–I agree. We should know what our own biases are.

A well written piece, and as always very well animated, from The School Of Life about bias that presents it not as a bad thing but as something everyone has, as part of life. It goes on to say that perhaps it’s time we understand our own biases and have society be more open about what biases they believe in, as institutions, etc..


My current musical obsession.
I guess it was a natural path to take after years of The Band, Little Willies, Dolly Parton, etc..
About two months ago I was watching again that old favorite “Cold Mountain” and I fell in love with the soundtrack.

The first song of the album is a traditional folk song called Wayfaring Stranger and is performed by Jack White:

After many hours of enthusiastic listening to the whole soundtrack and revisiting “The White Stripes”, by The White Stripes, I decided to give miss Alison Krauss a go and bought Alison Krauss and Union Station’s album “Paper Airplane”.
Here are two of their songs:

This is so far from my idea of what “my taste in music” was that is almost funny. I wonder what my 18 yo self would say… Hahaha.