Skeleton Tree (2016)

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We were lucky enough to go see Nick Cave’s documentary ‘One More Time With Feeling’ on the 8th, as the album ‘Skeleton Tree‘ came out the next day.
It was a haunting movie. The album is tremendous.

If you want to read pretty things said about it go to the Guardian. If you want to read ugly things, go to the usual gutter at the end of the article where the sheep and the vultures always lie: the comments section.

Cuz I’m out of words.

Chrysta Bell

Chrysta Bell

I’ve mentioned before This Train, the album from David Lynch and Chrysta Bell, and the superb video for the song Bird Of Flames.

Somehow I missed the fact that there were at least two other videos for songs from the album. I don’t mind since I get to enjoy it now.

Beautiful in so many ways: