True Detective

True Detective Poster

I’ve mentioned this show here before but only now were we able to finish watching the whole first season.
It’s a crime drama series with a clear nod to Lovecraft’s Cthulhu myths and it explores certain moments in the lives of two detectives who are investigating the horrific murders of several young women.

It’s intimate, slow paced, intricate, and it has a beauty to it that convinces you that the people involved in it truly loved what they were doing.

Now I want to watch it again…

The Book Of Mormon musical

The Book of Mormon poster

I’m fascinated with religions.
Of all the ones out there, the Mormons (LDS Church) is probably on my top three. I fell head over heals in awe with these guy’s beliefs since the beginning of the amazing HBO series Big Love. I knew about The Church before but I just started research on them after the show premiered in 2006.

When in 2010 I heard the guys from South Park were doing a musical about Mormons I knew I had to see it.

Finally in 2013 they opened a production in London and with a little theatre-ninja-power-voodoo by our friend CC we got tickets and got to see it at the Prince of Wales Theatre last week.

It was F.E.N.O.M.E.N.A.L.!

The writing, the music, the actors, the musicians, the stage, the theatre, the sound. So perfect. I couldn’t stop laughing but then in some parts I almost cried and then laughed again.
They are funny without being offensive (to an agnostic, at least) and I recommend the show to anyone that is able to go see it. It’s worth it!

Here is the opening song sang at the opening of the Tony Awards 2012:

And this is one of the songs of the second half of the show – performed at the Tony Awards 2011:

These are the only videos I could find. The show is a thousand times better than these videos but you get the idea.