#227 – Autumn in Paris and blue sky [and the end of Project 354IV]

Last photo of Project 365, 4th year.

This project has been declining in purpose and posts for a while. I could drag it a bit more but I feel like I’m just rehashing the same old themes. I need something new.

I take photos everyday, not all of them deserve to be shown. That’s the core concept of this short finale.

There are some ideas floating in my head but for now I feel good just taking a break from the pressure of the “photo a day” principle.

325/365 – My birthday – O meu aniversário


November 20th was my birthday.
I was lucky enough to have my parents, my sister and the most recent brother, Scott (sister’s husband) visiting. It was a great treat!

Big kiss to all of the friends that remembered.
Friends are what makes birthdays special! Love you!

Dia 20 de Novembro foi o meu aniversário.
Tive a sorte de ter cá os meus pais, a minha irmã e o irmão mais recente, Scott (marido da minha irmã) a visitar. Foram uns belíssimos dias!

Um grande beijinho a todos os que se lembraram.
Os amigos são o que faz os aniversários especiais!

We are leaving Paris – Vamos deixar Paris

This was a great year! Paris is a lovely city. Beautiful, urban, full of life and things to see and do.
I love to live here but now we are leaving and it’s fine. A new city, full of great things is waiting for us and I’m certain it will be wonderful!
After a few weeks in Portugal we will be leaving again and this time to the USA.

We are going to Boston! Yay!

Wish us luck and expect lots of pictures. *wink*

Este ano foi um ano fantástico! Paris é uma cidade magnifica. Linda, urbana, cheia de vida e coisas para ver e fazer. Adoro viver aqui mas agora estamos de saída e está tudo bem. Uma nova cidade cheia de coisas boas está à nossa espera e tenho a certeza que vai ser óptimo!
Depois de passar algumas semanas em Portugal vamos mudar-nos outra vez, desta vez para os EUA.

Vamos para Boston! Yay!

Desejem-nos sorte e esperem muitas fotos. ;)