My top iPad apps links II

Ongoing list. See first part here.

Evernote iconEvernote – Writing – Free

Keeps my notes organised and synced between the iPad, the phone and the computer. I use it mainly to save stuff to read later—by sending an e-mail to the app with the link—and to jot down ideas to develop later.

5seconds5Seconds – Animated Gif Creation – Free

The best animated gif creation tool I’ve found for the iPad after trying quite a few. It crashes sometimes but I am satisfied with it’s efficiency.

duolingoDuolingo – Learn Languages – Free

Very well made. This app helps you learn several languages for free in a fun, game like way.

Clumsy NinjaClumsy Ninja – Game – Free

Entertaining little time waister with a sweet character, nice graphics and cool life like physics motion. Pretty.

auraluxAuralux – Game – Free

Another pretty time waister. Strategy style game.

feedlyFeedly – Feed Reader – Free

After Reeder abandoned it’s clients I tried a lot of feed readers and this was the one I chose to use. It syncs with everything so I can access my feeds from the browser, the phone, or the iPad. It’s decent.

Disclaimer – This is my opinion as a user. I’m not being payed in any way by making these reviews. I just like the damn apps.

Christmas Treasures

Books about Georgian times

This Christmas I got all the books I really wanted thanks to my nice siblings.
Can you see a theme?
I’m writing a historical novel set in the Regency period so I need to do a lot of research.
Historical romance, when well written, is a guilty pleasure of mine. I’ve been wanting to write one for a long time but only now I feel the courage to do it. Well… When I say ‘now’ I mean in the last six months or so. These books are going to help me fix some gaps in my knowledge and, hopefully, help me write an plausible story. The fact that the tale is about a gentleman and his two wives it’s another story!

Brief note about the finale of Breaking Bad

breaking bad

Last year I talked about how much I liked Breaking Bad. Since the beginning of the show five years ago, there was never a disappointing moment. Now it’s over and I just wanted to say: Well done!

This is one of the BEST SHOWS ever made for television. A cohesive piece of work with a beginning and an end that takes us through a myriad of situations and emotions that are matched by no one in the industry at this time.

Thank you for so many hours of nerve racking, nail biting, belly aching quality entertainment.