Last week in pictures #93 to #99

Frankfurter Tor turm (Frankfurt Door tower). An example of Stalinist architecture (aka wedding cake architecture).

Thank Germans(!) for a very good sound isolation from our windows. This is our street now…

June has gloomy days as well.

U-bahn 1/2.

Takuya’s terrarium, Power Ranger included.

Biergarten time.

Raspberry and chocolate muffins. Recipe soon (as soon as I tweak it to perfection).

BoJack Horseman [2014 – ]

Brilliant animated series with an all star team of actors: Will Arnett (Arrested Development), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Amy Sedaris (Bob’s Burgers), Alison Brie (Community).
It’s a Netflix series and I have to say they are doing a great job with the shows I’ve seen from them so far.
This one is about a washed up actor from the nineties that happens to be a horse, but that’s incidental.

I’m loving it.

Here are the opening credits: