Basic Muffins



So I did these muffins and they are great. Then I did them again and altered them a bit and they got better. The first batch was very good but a little under-sweet.

The process is exactly the same. The only difference is on the ingredients. These are my changes:

– Instead of ½ cup granulated sugar I used 1 cup—so I doubled the amount of sugar;
РAlso, instead of 1 cup whole milk I used half a cup cr̬me frąche and half a cup whole milk.

I love this recipe because it’s super simple and quick to make. Very convenient if you need something sweet and filled with bad carbs.

A week to my birthday!

Birthday Candles
Photo by Cade CC Licence: Attribution, Non-Commercial, Non Derivative Work

I like birthdays. They are happy events. I like celebrating things.
For my birthday, on the 20th November, I wish cake and bubbly! ;)

Uma semana para o meu aniversário!

Gosto de aniversários. São ocasiões agradáveis. Gosto de celebrar coisas.
No meu aniversário, dia 20 de Novembro, desejo bolo e vinho espumante. ;)