How to make easy earrings – DIY tutorial

I originally posted this tutorial in June 1st, 2007 in my old site, which is closed now. It was one of the most popular posts so I’m republishing it here to keep it online. Hope you enjoy!

If you are looking for the portuguese version click here!

Lot’s of people ask me, in my daily life, how do I make my earrings. It’s always a topic that people are interested in so I’ve decided to show you how. It’s a very simple process but it’s very satisfying to wear something you made yourself.


First you need to have the right tools.
I use 3 different pliers. A round-nose pliers (a), a flat-nose pliers (b) and a side-cutting pliers (c). You can buy this in any crafts or hardware stores. There are also lots of online shops that sell it. Or you might already have it in your husband’s toolbox!


In jewelry, the metal parts are called findings.
For these earrings we’ll use two headpins (F1) 2-inches long and two hook earwires (F2).

And you will need beads, of course! We’ll use 3 different kind of beads. Two of each. 2 dark red tubes of glass, 2 little light blue beads and 2 small heart beads. You can use whatever beads you want. Visit a crafts shop that sell beads, or search in your favorite online shop, and use your imagination. This is the fun part!

Making the earrings

To start your earrings, you take one headpin and tread the beads in the order that you want them.

Try different beads, don’t be afraid to experiment. Remember that you are going to wear these earrings.

Are you satisfied with the way they look? Good.

Next you need to cut the headpin to the desired length using the side-cutting pliers. Remember to leave at least half an inch to make the loop that connects to the earwire.

Take the round-nose pliers and turn the end of the headpin to one side, to form a loop.

Then, still using the round-nose pliers, turn the formed loop in the other direction, to center the loop and make it perfect.

Hook in the earwire in the newly formed loop.

And use the flat-nose pliers to gently close the loop.

Tada! You have one earring. Now make another one exactly the same way using the same beads in the same sequence.

And you end up with a lovely set of earrings!

I love to make these simple dangle earrings. I wear them and give them as gifts to my girlfriends. Remember that practice makes perfect. Don’t be discouraged if at first your end result is a little irregular. It will soon be very easy! Just keep making those earrings!

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