Traveling to Paris

If you are traveling to Paris I have some tips for you.

  • Don’t come to Paris in August;
  • It’s hot, crowded and everything is closed. There aren’t many Parisians either.

  • Always try to speak a little french;
  • Even if it’s just a “Bonjour” and a smile. Ask if the person speaks English – “Parlez-vous l’anglais?”. A smile will take you far. Don’t assume the people you interact with speak English. They have a national language and it is french. Even if they speak English don’t insult them by assuming they have to speak English. They don’t. It’s France.

  • Don’t crowd the ticket entrances to the metro;
  • Hanging around talking or saying goodbye while other people want to get in the station is annoying. That’s why the locals look at you funny.

  • Macarons are overrated;
  • Yes, they are pretty. But it’s just almond, sugar and egg whites with nice colors. For crying out loud, stop talking about it.

  • Remember that you are in a real city.
  • It might be the trip of your life but it’s not a theme park laid out for your amusement. It has real people with jobs, commutes and they like to walk fast. They endure 45 million tourists annually. Enjoy your stay but understand why you are not special.

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