YouTube Favorites Monday

The Pipettes – Because It’s Not Love (But It’s Still A Feeling)

I don’t want to fall in love
I don’t want to see the stars up above in the sky
I just wanna catch your eye
I don’t want to be wined and dined
I just want to bump and grind with you here tonight
Because you move so right

Because it’s not love
But it’s still a feeling
No it’s not love
But my body’s reeling
To move closer next to you

1 thought on “YouTube Favorites Monday

  1. loool. Este tá muito fixe e eu não conhecia a música…
    Mesmo antes de ir dormir as horitas q me faltaram esta noite, pois estive a acabar 1 trab das 5h-10h, tive q vir cá espreitar-te.
    A musica fez-me lembrar as do Beach Boys..q eu tanto gosto e q ando a ouvir pois encontrei 1 CD muy barato no Lidl deles.. c 2o Great Love Songs. ;) jito linda.

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