About creativity and the self

I’m taking a break from the Project 365. I might pick it up later, but it was making me stressed about several things, one of them being creativity. So I need a breather. I need to look around, and pause, and see what is passing by unseen.

I was a bit down about it, but this week has been one of the best weeks this year, in terms of creativity. I’m using another medium to express it, but I’m very confident that it’s all interconnected. One thing that I’m understanding is that the fear of the self is a big complication to the creative individual. The western judaico-christian notion of the after life, and all that comes with it, is pervasive and anti-human. Better people than me have pointed this out, but I’m a late learner.

Happiness, for me, comes from creating, and these creations come from me, not the gods.

No regrets.