On living in the UK – II

Bar Hill
My neighborhood. Vista do meu bairro

Some of the thinks I like about the UK:

– Brick houses;
– The string light switch in the bathroom to turn on the light;
– Pubs;
– Good pub food;
– Having the four seasons again;
Topshop, Boots, Ann Summers and Borders;
– The access to BBC iPlayer and Spotify;
– London in general;
– Camden town;
– Buying the bus ticket from the driver;
– The way some old people say “alright love?”;
– The amount of people wearing hats and skirts;
– The good cappuccinos.

Algumas das coisas que gosto no Reino Unido:

– Casas de tijolo;
РO corḍo de abrir a luz na casa de banho;
– Pubs;
– Boa comida de pub;
РVoltar a ter quatro esta̵̤es;
Topshop, Boots, Ann Summers e Borders;
– Ter acesso ao BBC iPlayer e ao Spotify;
– London em geral;
– A vila de Camden;
– Comprar o bilhete de autocarro ao motorista;
– A maneira como alguns velhotes dizem “alright love?”;
РA quantidade de gente que usa chap̩us e saias;
– Os cappuccinos bem feitos.

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