BoJack Horseman [2014 – ]

Brilliant animated series with an all star team of actors: Will Arnett (Arrested Development), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Amy Sedaris (Bob’s Burgers), Alison Brie (Community).
It’s a Netflix series and I have to say they are doing a great job with the shows I’ve seen from them so far.
This one is about a washed up actor from the nineties that happens to be a horse, but that’s incidental.

I’m loving it.

Here are the opening credits:

True Detective

True Detective Poster

I’ve mentioned this show here before but only now were we able to finish watching the whole first season.
It’s a crime drama series with a clear nod to Lovecraft’s Cthulhu myths and it explores certain moments in the lives of two detectives who are investigating the horrific murders of several young women.

It’s intimate, slow paced, intricate, and it has a beauty to it that convinces you that the people involved in it truly loved what they were doing.

Now I want to watch it again…

Freaks and Geeks [TV Series 1999]

Freaks and Geeks We’ve been re-watching this amazing series in the last few weeks.
Funny how, even though it’s set in 1980 in some small town in the US, it’s really close to my experience as a teen in high school in Portugal around 1995.
It’s brilliantly written, and the actors do a great job in bringing the characters to life.
The series was canceled after only 12 of the original 18 episodes were aired. We still have one more episode to go and I’m already sad to know they will be gone soon. Maybe in 15 years I can watch it again and love it all over again.

If you don’t know the series, watch the (annoying) trailer:

Brief note about the finale of Breaking Bad

breaking bad

Last year I talked about how much I liked Breaking Bad. Since the beginning of the show five years ago, there was never a disappointing moment. Now it’s over and I just wanted to say: Well done!

This is one of the BEST SHOWS ever made for television. A cohesive piece of work with a beginning and an end that takes us through a myriad of situations and emotions that are matched by no one in the industry at this time.

Thank you for so many hours of nerve racking, nail biting, belly aching quality entertainment.

Some random thoughts on specific TV shows

30 Rock – It’s better than ever. I’ll be very sorry to see Jack Donaghy go, though.

Alcatraz – Because of what I learned with Lost, I’m not expecting a good ending to this plot. Yet, the journey until now is pretty enjoyable. I love the use of historical facts mixed with science fiction. Gives everything a much more plausible thread.

Archer – I love it! The Duchess is amazing.

Community – I love this show. WTF is the network thinking with this hiatus? Bring Community back, pronto!

Downton Abbey – Beautiful period drama.

Fringe – I like the show but I’m a bit afraid of the corny plot twists. Not expecting much but enjoying the main characters. Walter Bishop is a favorite.

Homeland – Enjoyable and not too predictable. That’s all I ask after the Lost fiasco.

Parks and Recreation – One of my favorite. Great writing going on. LOVE (almost) all the characters.

Person of Interest – Grew on me. Let’s see if it doesn’t get too predictable.

The Simpsons – They just celebrated their 500th show. That’s impressive.

The Walking Dead – Is it just me or that sheriff’s wife (Lori) is the most annoying character on TV right now? OMG, shut the fuck up already!

Unsupervised – I love it. Endearing characters and funny plot.

Upstairs Downstairs – Modern sequel of the 70’s show of the same title. This first episode of the second season didn’t convince me. Still, I love the house and the costumes.

Lost – I don’t want to talk about it. Those bastards… I am disappoint.