Food in Berlin

Tuna sandwich
Tuna sandwich and cappuccino at Caffè e Gelato in Potsdamer Platz.
Weird combination, specially for a place with good ice cream, but it really hit the spot.

Ramen Soup
Ramen soup and sake cocktail at Cocolo Ramen in X-Berg.
This is as good as the hype makes it. Superb food.

Pulled pork and brisket
Pulled pork and brisket at Markt Halle Neun in X-berg.
Ana and Paulo took me there once and I love it. Every time I remember (and they are open, which is at very specific times) we give it another go. Meat done perfectly.

Sausage with mash and sauerkraut
Sausage with mash and sauerkraut at Maximilians in Mitte.
Default German food craving restaurant for lunch with Telmo. Delicious traditional food.

Knuckle of pork with Bavarian cabbage
Crisp knuckle of pork with Bavarian cabbage at Augustiner in Mitte.
Eating this two pound piece of meat was like playing “Operation” but in a delicious way. Another default German food restaurant. Delicious!

Basic Muffins



So I did these muffins and they are great. Then I did them again and altered them a bit and they got better. The first batch was very good but a little under-sweet.

The process is exactly the same. The only difference is on the ingredients. These are my changes:

– Instead of ½ cup granulated sugar I used 1 cup—so I doubled the amount of sugar;
– Also, instead of 1 cup whole milk I used half a cup crème fraîche and half a cup whole milk.

I love this recipe because it’s super simple and quick to make. Very convenient if you need something sweet and filled with bad carbs.


I was in the mood for some mojitos so I made some.

Mojitos recipe

– 3 fresh mint sprigs;
– 1 tblsp sugar;
– 3 tblsp fresh lemon juice;
– Ice;
– 1 1/2 oz Havana Club rum (4 tblsp);
– sparkly water.

Put 2 sprigs of mint in a tall thin glass and crush it with a fork or spoon;
Add the sugar and the lemon juice and stir;
Top the glass with ice and add the rum;
Top of with the sparkly water and add a the remaining mint and a lemon slice.

Inspired by this one.