The Hurt Locker [2008]

the hurt locker

I didn’t know anything about the movie apart from the fact that it was about the Iraq War and that it had 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. Telmo suggested we see it yesterday and I’m so glad that he did.

It’s a nail biting, nerve recking, OMG OMG, kind of movie. Much like a japanese horror movie (or so I’m told – I don’t watch horror movies) in the sense that it’s a relentless stress.

I loved it. Perfect writing, sets, acting, story line, whatever… Perfect.

If you loved “Generation Kill“, the brilliant HBO mini series about the invasion of Iraq, you will love this movie.

Selling contact lenses online – This is how it’s done!

A while back I posted a big rant in portuguese about a terrible experience I had in an online shop for contact lenses.
The skinny:

I ordered my regular lenses prescription, they fucked up, I wrote several e-mails to them and they where less than comunicative. After several months they found my package in their warehouse and decided to pay me back by paypal like I sold them something, making me loose money to paypal fees. I didn’t even pay my order though paypal. They just took my e-mail and sent the money without telling me. A horrible, horrible experience. My advice is DO NOT BUY from Optica Iberica!

Meanwhile, yesterday I ordered another set of lenses from and they gave me the following shipping date:

Expected shipping date: Today
Expected delivery date(s): Monday, 23rd April 2012 to Tuesday, 24th April 2012

Today I received this e-mail:

Dear Ms Francisco,

Thank you for your recent order.

I am sorry to report that there has been a slight delay in us receiving your prescription from xxxxx, and we are expecting your lenses to arrive here by Friday 20th April.

Please accept this 10% discount code to use with your next order: XXXXXX (valid to 18/04/2013)

If you are in a rush to get your lenses, I will be happy to upgrade you free of charge to Special Delivery, which is guaranteed to arrive with you by 1 pm the day after dispatch.

Please do let me know if this would be helpful to you.

Kind regards,

The verdict is still out on the shop since the order is not yet completed but just for this e-mail I’m betting I’ll be a client for life. I’ll keep you posted.

PS – The problem is not if shit happens. Shit will happen. The problem is how you handle it.

[Edit – 24-04-2012:] Just got the package from It was right on time of their first estimate. What a great service!

PS II – Nobody payed me to say any of these things. I know no one in any of these stores. I’m just a regular customer making a review.

2009 Review


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

2009 started in Portugal and ends now in Cambridge with a promise of Paris. It was a year of change(s) and it doesn’t end here.

I wish you all a great new years eve and that 2010 brings all you hope for and some good surprises as well!

2009 começou em Portugal e acaba agora em Cambridge com um pézinho em Paris. Foi um ano de mudança(s) e não acaba(m) por aqui.

Desejo-vos uma óptima passagem de ano e que 2010 vos traga tudo o que desejam e para além disso boas surpresas!

Rachel’s Organic Greek Style Coconut Bio-Live Yogurt

Rachel's Organic Greek Style Coconut Bio-Live Yogurt

The BEST yogurt I have ever tasted.
Creamy and rich and velvety and with flecks of coconut, which I love!
I’m not kidding. If you like rich creamy and coconut things go to Tesco or Sainsbury’s right now and GET IT!! Someone recommended this to me a year or so ago and I just tried it yesterday. Why did it took me so long?!…

Link to it’s site.

O MELHOR iogurte que eu já provei.
É cremoso e rico e aveludado e tem flocos de coco, que eu adoro!
Não estou a brincar. É mesmo bom! Se estiverem no UK experimentem. Recomendara-me para aí há um ano e demorei este tempo todo para experimentar. Porquê?!…

Link para o site dele.

Things I’m enjoying

Lots of Postcrossing postcards – Since I’ve been here I’ve sent almost double the postcards I sent from Portugal. It’s a fun hobby. It consists in sending a bunch of postcards to people and waiting for the same amount of postcard to arrive in your mail. You can read more here.

Desde que cá estou já enviei quase o dobro dos postais que enviei de Portugal. É um passatempo engraçado. Consiste em enviar um monte de postais para pessoas diferentes e esperar pela mesma quantidade de postais de outras pessoas. Muito bem pensado! Podem ler mais, em inglês, aqui.


Pomme d’Amour – Tea sent to us from Belgium by our dear friend Inês. It smells heavenly of apples, sugar and roses. You can buy it in Brussels here.

Chá enviado pela querida amiga Inês da Bélgica. Cheira maravilhosamente a maçã, açúcar e rosas. Podem compra-lo em Bruxelas aqui.

daily – Thanks to a tweet from Célia I’m really having fun logging my daily intake of food and water. Yesterday I ACTUALLY drank 8 glasses of water, can you believe it!? It’s motivational.

Graças a um tweet da Célia estou a divertir-me à grande a contabilizar o que como e a quantidade de água que ingiro. Ontem consegui mesmo beber os 8 copos de água recomendados! É motivante.

True Blood

Pensei que este ano não ia haver nada tão bom como Mad Men mas enganei-me.

True Blood é fenomenal!


É a nova série de Alan Ball (o criador de Six Feet Under – talvez a minha série preferida). É uma história sobre vampiros, sobre humanos e sobre o sul dos Estados Unidos.

O genérico:

Acabou na semana passada a primeira temporada, nos EUA.

Edit: A verdade é que o genérico mostra mais da série do que o trailer – que é bastante piroso.