The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel Poster
Saturday we went to the movies and because my brother-in-law mentioned it, I suggested we go see The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson.
Wes Anderson is one of those directors that always makes beautiful movies. Unfortunately, they fail to entertain me sometimes. (Didn’t really like Moonrise Kingdom… Meh!)

But The Grand Budapest Hotel was super fun!

I loved the structure of the movie, the writing, the performances, the sets, the colours… Everything really.
Whimsical as always, Wes Anderson delivered a simple story about loyalty and love without being sappy or dull. Quirky and delicious!

My top iPad apps links II

Ongoing list. See first part here.

Evernote iconEvernote – Writing – Free

Keeps my notes organised and synced between the iPad, the phone and the computer. I use it mainly to save stuff to read later—by sending an e-mail to the app with the link—and to jot down ideas to develop later.

5seconds5Seconds – Animated Gif Creation – Free

The best animated gif creation tool I’ve found for the iPad after trying quite a few. It crashes sometimes but I am satisfied with it’s efficiency.

duolingoDuolingo – Learn Languages – Free

Very well made. This app helps you learn several languages for free in a fun, game like way.

Clumsy NinjaClumsy Ninja – Game – Free

Entertaining little time waister with a sweet character, nice graphics and cool life like physics motion. Pretty.

auraluxAuralux – Game – Free

Another pretty time waister. Strategy style game.

feedlyFeedly – Feed Reader – Free

After Reeder abandoned it’s clients I tried a lot of feed readers and this was the one I chose to use. It syncs with everything so I can access my feeds from the browser, the phone, or the iPad. It’s decent.

Disclaimer – This is my opinion as a user. I’m not being payed in any way by making these reviews. I just like the damn apps.

Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Poster Wikipedia

Yeah… I did it again. I went to see a movie and didn’t check if The Monster (aka Lindelof) was writing it. I know… I’m an idiot.

What I hated about the movie:

- The USS Enterprise is to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before NOT to go on manhunts;
- No coherent dialogs;
- No purpose;
- No story;
- No ideas;
- The horrible 3D – DOF in 3D, really?

What I liked about the movie but wasn’t enough:

- The brilliant actors;
- The shiny pictures when unspoiled by the horrible 3D.

What I would like to say to JJ Abrams:

- Dude…
- Just keep to original scripts – Cloverfield was okay;
- 3D sucks balls;
- Stop using The Monster;
- Really. Quit that.

I give it one star and it’s all for the actors and the director that made a visual silk purse from a writing sow’s ear.

The Book Of Mormon musical

The Book of Mormon poster

I’m fascinated with religions.
Of all the ones out there, the Mormons (LDS Church) is probably on my top three. I fell head over heals in awe with these guy’s beliefs since the beginning of the amazing HBO series Big Love. I knew about The Church before but I just started research on them after the show premiered in 2006.

When in 2010 I heard the guys from South Park were doing a musical about Mormons I knew I had to see it.

Finally in 2013 they opened a production in London and with a little theatre-ninja-power-voodoo by our friend CC we got tickets and got to see it at the Prince of Wales Theatre last week.

It was F.E.N.O.M.E.N.A.L.!

The writing, the music, the actors, the musicians, the stage, the theatre, the sound. So perfect. I couldn’t stop laughing but then in some parts I almost cried and then laughed again.
They are funny without being offensive (to an agnostic, at least) and I recommend the show to anyone that is able to go see it. It’s worth it!

Here is the opening song sang at the opening of the Tony Awards 2012:

And this is one of the songs of the second half of the show – performed at the Tony Awards 2011:

These are the only videos I could find. The show is a thousand times better than these videos but you get the idea.

Black Swan [2010]

Black Swan poster

I know I’m (very, very) late but I finally watched Black Swan and loved it.

Natalie Portman once again surpasses my expectations.
Brilliant atmosphere and interesting storyline.
Professional ballerinas are fascinating by themselves. Add to that the magnificent Tchaikovsky music, a beautiful cast of girls and a nice story about lack of mental health and this is what you get. A very entertaining and somewhat sad one hour and forty five minutes.

87% on Rotten Tomatoes and worth it.

My top iPad apps links

Ongoing list.

kindle icon image Kindle – ebook reader – Free

I used to prefere the iBooks app, but I feel that Kindle serves me better. You can lend most books you buy to friends (for fourteen days) and you don’t have the skeuomorphic “wood” bookshelf. A big problem for me is still the organisation of my library. I have around sixty books in it and I get lost all the time. I’m yet to find a good alternative, though. [Edit 17-02-2014: The app now has "Collections", which helps to organise the books. Not perfect but better.]

flickstackr logo image FlickStackr – Great app to browse Flickr
- Free trial available (limited browsing)
[Edit 17-02-2014: I don't use this app anymore.]

You can browse your photostream, edit your photos (title, groups, sets, etc..) reply, post and read comments, view recent activity, view your contacts’ photos full screen, browse through their photostream, collections, etc., explore, upload, search and more.

shopshop icon image ShopShop – Shopping List – Free
[Edit 17-02-2014: I don't use this app anymore.]

With this free app you can sync your shopping list between the iPad and the iPhone.
I was searching for an app like this for a long time. There are lot’s of shopping list apps out there but this one is the one for me.
Every time you insert a new item it get’s stored in a database so you can browse it later and just add it again when you need to buy it again.

Reeder icon image Reeder – RSS Reader for iPhone and iPad
[Edit 17-02-2014: This app is no longer available.]

This is not a free app but trust me, all others I’ve tried suck. This RSS reader syncs with your Google Reader information and it’s great to use.

imo icon image imo – Instant messenger – Free
[Edit 17-02-2014: I don't use this app anymore.]

Add all the instant messenger applications you use in one single app: Skype, Facebook, MSN, Gtalk, Yahoo!, AOL/ICQ, Jabber, etc..

ripplr icon image Ripplr – Tumbler editor – Free
[Edit 17-02-2014: I don't use this app anymore. Tumblr has an official app now.]

Post on your Tumbler, browse your dashboard, reblog and “love” as you browse. Very convenient if you have a Tumbler.

Paper icon image Paper – Beautiful sketch tool – Free but you can buy more “pens”.


mahjong towers icon image Mahjong Towers

The best Mahjong game for iPad.

big fish games icon image Big Fish Games

This company let’s you try a all of their games for free. That way you know if you like it or not. I’ve bought a few. My favorite are the “hidden object” ones. Kind of an adventure style game with puzzles.

fairway icon image Fairway Solitaire

A solitaire game of cards good to clear the mind.

Disclaimer – This is my opinion as a user. I’m not being payed in any way by making these reviews. I just like the damn apps.

The Hurt Locker

the hurt locker

I didn’t know anything about the movie apart from the fact that it was about the Iraq War and that it had 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. Telmo suggested we see it yesterday and I’m so glad that he did.

It’s a nail biting, nerve recking, OMG OMG, kind of movie. Much like a japanese horror movie (or so I’m told – I don’t watch horror movies) in the sense that it’s a relentless stress.

I loved it. Perfect writing, sets, acting, story line, whatever… Perfect.

If you loved “Generation Kill“, the brilliant HBO mini series about the invasion of Iraq, you will love this movie.

Here’s the trailer: