Cozy Weekend


The last couple of weekends have been nice. Nicer than the previous ones this year, at least. The sun has been up, which helps a lot.

We found a great currywurst place in the neighbourhood and I think I’m finally a fan. I mean, as much as you can be a fan of fried sausage, ketchup and curry powder… Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture yet.

To tide you over, here is a photo of the post-wurst coffee:

How was your weekend?

Snowy Berlin

Warschauer Straße

Yesterday I woke up in a white city. After bundling myself into as many layers as I could—come on, don’t laugh, I’m from the south of Europe, we think 60ºF (15ºC) is cold—I left the house to snap some photos.
It wasn’t as cold as I thought. The sun was shinning and the temperature was very mild. I had to take off my gloves and ear muffs or I would be too hot to walk around outside.
Problem was I forgot my sunglasses and OMG it was bright. Too bright! So I went down to the bahn station to shoot a few quick photos before my eyes burst into flames. These are it.

Snow in Berlin

Snow in Berlin

Snow in Berlin

Snow in Berlin

Snow in Berlin

Disco Bike Birthday Party

Disco Bike 13

Disco Bike 07

Disco Bike 11

On Saturday we attended Takuya’s birthday party. He lit up his bike–and himself–and we all rode from Fshain to Xberg following his Disco Bike. It was a lot of fun, despite de cold.

Scott and Sílvia, my brother-in-law and sister, were in town for one last evening so it was also a sort of a see you soon party for us.

Happy Birthday dude!

All photos here.

Food in Berlin

Tuna sandwich
Tuna sandwich and cappuccino at Caffè e Gelato in Potsdamer Platz.
Weird combination, specially for a place with good ice cream, but it really hit the spot.

Ramen Soup
Ramen soup and sake cocktail at Cocolo Ramen in X-Berg.
This is as good as the hype makes it. Superb food.

Pulled pork and brisket
Pulled pork and brisket at Markt Halle Neun in X-berg.
Ana and Paulo took me there once and I love it. Every time I remember (and they are open, which is at very specific times) we give it another go. Meat done perfectly.

Sausage with mash and sauerkraut
Sausage with mash and sauerkraut at Maximilians in Mitte.
Default German food craving restaurant for lunch with Telmo. Delicious traditional food.

Knuckle of pork with Bavarian cabbage
Crisp knuckle of pork with Bavarian cabbage at Augustiner in Mitte.
Eating this two pound piece of meat was like playing “Operation” but in a delicious way. Another default German food restaurant. Delicious!


Designpanoptikum – Surreales Museum für industrielle Objekte.

This unusual Berlin museum is a private collection open to the public by a film photographer who stopped photographing after photography went digital, and now dedicates his time collecting industrial objects he finds, turning them into surreal and improbable sculptures.

I visited mid August with my friend G. and we both had a nice time trying to figure out what the objects had been used for originally, while pestering the guide for answers.