Brief note about the finale of Breaking Bad

breaking bad

Last year I talked about how much I liked Breaking Bad. Since the beginning of the show five years ago, there was never a disappointing moment. Now it’s over and I just wanted to say: Well done!

This is one of the BEST SHOWS ever made for television. A cohesive piece of work with a beginning and an end that takes us through a myriad of situations and emotions that are matched by no one in the industry at this time.

Thank you for so many hours of nerve racking, nail biting, belly aching quality entertainment.

Basic Muffins

So I did these muffins and they are great. Then I did them again and altered them a bit and they got better. The first batch was very good but a little under-sweet.

The process is exactly the same. The only difference is on the ingredients. These are my changes:

- Instead of ½ cup granulated sugar I used 1 cup—so I doubled the amount of sugar;
- Also, instead of 1 cup whole milk I used half a cup crème fraîche and half a cup whole milk.

I love this recipe because it’s super simple and quick to make. Very convenient if you need something sweet and filled with bad carbs.

Coke Chicken

Made this recipe of Coke Chicken and it was delicious and super simple. Scary simple, really… All it takes is Coca-Cola, Soy Sauce and Chicken.

Dump everything in a heavy pot and leave for 40 minutes covered. Uncover and give it another 30 minutes or so for the sauce to thicken. Yummy!

Thanks CC for the suggestion!

DDR Museum

We went to the DDR Museum (DDR=GDR) and I loved it. I’m fascinated with the fact that I’m living in a part of old Soviet Union.
The museum is interactive and one can, for instance, enter an apartment, go through the drawers, watch TV, see how they lived, how they had fun and how they were trapped in this communist utopia with no escape.
It made me think. It still makes me think. It’s worth going.

RIP Flickr

Everything comes to an end. The end of Flickr started when it was acquired by Yahoo. It ended this week, after Marissa Mayer took a cleaver and chopped off it’s head for good.

You can find me on Trovebox from now on. I moved all the photos from Flickr to this new site and all the new ones will be going there as well.

Until the aforementioned Jezebel dumps my photos from Flickr they will also be there as an archive, with all the comments and memories of budding friendships.

I loved Flickr for many years. Now it’s dead. RIP Flickr.