80 Random Things

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70+ random things about me:

– when I was almost 3, my sister was born and I said that that was the happiest day of my life;
– I love cats and I’ve lived with them all my life;
– I’m the only person I feel comfortable with taking pictures of myself;
– I love pizza with pepperoni and dislike pizza with fruit, unless I’m craving it;
– I still believe trains and planes are technical marvels;
– I’ve never had lots of friends because I was shy;
– I dislike the media stupidification;
– I wrote a novel;
– I wrote another f*cking novel(!!);
– when I was little I wanted to become a gardener or an architect;
– I’ve wanted to be a painter;
– I’ve wanted to be a sculptor;
– in school I was always a mediocre student and the older I get the less I regret it;
– I’m convinced I exist for the entertainment of the people around me;
– I disapprove when people say that they “like all kinds of music”;
– I have no desire to travel to Brazil–*Portuguese people are huge on going to visit Brazil*;
– I love David Lynch’s movies, in particular “Mulholland Drive” and “Blue Velvet”;
– I’m interested it the history of humanity through the ages, in particular the relations between men and women;
– I try not to eat things with sugar–I fail many delicious times;
– I like historical novels;
– I like history;
– I (almost) always exaggerate my stories for the sake of impact;
– I have crooked teeth and I don’t mind;
– I forget a lot;
– I think we shouldn’t pay security with freedom;
– I have never broken any bones (although I’m not sure about one of my pinkies…);
– I dislike the cold (bellow 10ºC/50ºF);
– I dislike the heat (above 25ºC/77ºF);
– I dislike the sound of the wind;
– I like thunderstorms;
– I’m older than my two siblings;
– I like flowers, in particular violets and lilies. I also like tulips, daisies, peonies and roses;
– I dislike complicated flowers like “birds of paradise”;
– I like 80% chocolate;
– I like anime and manga, regardless of not knowing what’s going on today;
– I like cherries and things with cherry flavour;
– I love real mashed potatoes with butter and nutmeg;
– I like card games and board games;
– I like video games, in particular adventure, TBS and RTS;
– MMORPG are nice too;
– I like depressing music;
– I love cocktails and my favorite is the Sidecar. I also have a little weakness for the Dirty Martini (Shout out to T-Rex. Who number one?);
– I love to cook for people I love;
– I love photography;
– I wear glasses since I was 2;
– At 18 I started to wear contact lenses;
– I like (yes, I like it) Little House on the Prairie (the TV series);
– And Upstairs Downstairs – from the 70’s but the new episodes are good too;
– I’ve painted my hair dark blue, black and dark red;
– I like the smell of Nivea;
– I like murder mystery books like Agatha Christie’s;
– I like to read biographies– Last good one I read was ‘Tender at the Bone’ by Ruth Reichl;
– I love trees but have a sort of fear of forests and botanical parks: Creeps me out;
– I crochet since I was a kid and in high school I did it everyday on the train and in class;
– I like lists (no sh*t, right?);
– I like corsets;
– I have a cat;
– I’m an immigrant;
– I dislike the word “expat”;
– I like online shopping;
– I hate offline shopping;
– I read a lot;
– I like tea and its paraphernalia;
– I like collections;
– I collect books, snow globes and die-cast toys;
– I like science fiction but I didn’t until a few years ago;
– I like BD and comics;
– I like books;
– Japan is fascinating;
– I dislike manipulators, in particular the sneaky kind;
– I love to buy flowers;
– I love to receive interesting mail;
– I try not to use adverbs because of Stephen King.